Executive Search


Executive Search



This service is aimed at positions with a salary starting from $250,000 per year or where confidentiality is required.

Service Type



  1. Client Briefing/Meeting.
  2. Agree Role, Strategy & Target List.
  3. Prepare Candidate Briefing Pack.
  4. Research and Identify Relevant Candidates.
  5. Candidate Pre-Qualification.
  6. Shortlist Review Meeting.
  7. Interview Behavioural Profiling
  8. Reference Check
  9. Short List Submission
  10. Client Interview
  11. Offer Management
  12. Candidate Commences

The Stages

Key Stage 1 – The Research. Talent Resource will attend your premises to take a detailed briefing regarding the role, person specification and corporate environment.  Activity commences with thorough research into target companies operating in the relevant sector. Then a list of target companies is compiled and agreed with Client and target individuals are identified within these organisations and preliminary research is conducted to verify their backgrounds.

Key stage 2 – The Approach. Targeted candidates are approached confidentially A broad outline of the post is given and general levels of suitability and interest are established.  Detailed profiles are built up for each candidate in order to select those with relevant skills, experience and those with genuine interest.  Client will be informed weekly of the progress using our standard reporting format. The output from this stage will be a ‘long list’ for discussion with Client Only candidates with relevant skills, experience and with genuine interest will be selected.

Key Stage 3 – The Interview. Talent Resource conducts qualifying in-depth interviews at appropriate locations.  A shortlist of candidates is presented together with their relevant CVs, interview notes and behavioural assessment.  Each shortlist will include at least 3 candidates per position.  Talent Resource arranges first interviews with the short-listed individuals, verifies employment history and checks references.

Key Stage 4 – Offer Management. Talent Resource provides assistance and advice on the preparation and making of offers to chosen candidates.  Once an offer has been accepted, Talent Resource tracks the candidate closely through his/her notice period. Candidates deemed unsuitable at any stage during the selection process are notified professionally.


Time Line.

Key Stage 1 1-2 Weeks
Key Stage 2 2-4 Weeks
Key Stage 3 4-6 Weeks
Key Stage 4 7-8 Weeks