• You can always expect an exceptional job done dealing with Talent Resource. They are customer focused, honest and result driven professional. Talent Resource are proactive, highly motivated and works towards maximal customer satisfaction. Has great communication skills.

  • I had chance to interact with Luke during the hiring process. I found him very professional and effective on his job. He gave me strong support with fast actions. I recommend Luke not olny as business partner but also as trusted guy.

  • Edward has a passion for his work, he continuously communicating with his recruit even after his job was done, checking status at work.

  • I know Edward as very engaged, skillful and highly experienced HR professional. During my interaction with him he has shown himself as very responsive, honest, dedicated and reliable person. His willingness to help and providing trustworthy information in anytime of the day and his personal qualities are invaluable asset for Talent Resource Consulting. I highly recommend Edward in the future.

  • I have known Luke as a professional headhunter now for many years while working in Sub-Saharan Africa as a CFO in telecoms. He goes out of his way to supply you job opportunities that fit your career, experiences, strengths and remuneration expectations. I would recommend Luke any time..

  • Luke seems to have the happy facility of putting you in front of people who need a specific skill set which you seem to fulfill to a large extent. And whilst that may sound like an obvious requirement for a resource company, anyone on the ex-pat circuit for any length of time will testify to the rarity of that occurring. Conversely, looking at it from the perspective of an employer, it's good not to have one's time absorbed in a) a lengthy trawl through many CVs and b) having a good chance of finding who you need in the top three candidates identified for you. Whilst all this is important, vital if you will, I think what sets Luke apart is that he doesn't 'place and forget' and really appears to care that his placements are fulfilling the needs of both employer and employee; true it's good business to do that but, again, surprising how few other resource companies do it. So in conclusion, in terms of seeking resources or indeed seeking to be placed, both employers and prospective placements could do a good deal worse than keeping Luke and his team uppermost in their considerations.

  • Luke is an exceptionally resourceful recruiter. He is a results oriented professional with superior listening skills and always provides timely feedback He is one of the most professional recruiters that I have dealt with. I personally trust his capabilities to help deserving candidates in finding right position.

  • I know Luke Cowgill ( ex CEO bravo ) since early 2014 , I was recruited by Bravo for my current role as Chief sales and Distribution officer ( CSDO ) with Ooredoo Myanmar and distinctly remember all the efforts taken by Luke to support the talent recruitment drive within Ooredoo Myanmar and simultaneously competing with "zillion like minded" agencies in the field all vying to fill up key positions with the best talent.
    I appreciated the "contract honor /unwritten code " of not sourcing out the same professional in years ahead which in many distinguishes good companies and executives from average ones...
    He's always available for any advice/suggestions as a "friend" and will write back / stay in touch across the networking platforms available
    I wish him all the very best as he starts a new journey with Amoria Bond as Global Business Development Director and i'm sure that he will always find the "best talent" for his clients making it a win-win for all.
    Warm Regards

  • Edward is an experienced, skillful, committed and trustworthy talent acquisition expert. He is a thorough professional in all his interactions and has a clear and transparent approach keeping your best interest in mind at all times. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Edward and I highly recommend him for all talent requirements for both employers and candidates. I look forward to working with him again

  • Edward comes across a very forthright HR professional with an eye for details, good interpersonal skills and sincere approach to problem resolution, full of energy and motivation to get things moving. He possesses a marvelous personality, has a pleasant disposition and the ease with which he is able to communicate across levels in the industry, is commendable. His focus on task with the adequate amount of humanness, empathy and maturity makes him and ideal human resource consultant, a true jewel that any organisation would benefit with. He has been contributing a lot to the industry by providing right opportunity to the right resources. I take pride in wishing him all the best in his current and future en-devours